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Curriculum Overview

The goal of the curriculum design is to enable students to master a wide range of basic knowledge of Business Administration as well as professional competence.

  • The department has planned four levels of curriculum for basic knowledge
  • Basic Curriculum: required courses of the University and School of Business.
    • required courses of the University, including Chinese, foreign language, history, and democracy and the rule of law.
    • courses related to the basic concept and information of Business Administration and the basic ability of math.
  • Core Curriculum: introduction on management issues in all managerial functions.
  • Core Extension Curriculum: management and work ability training courses related to organization, leadership, communication, technique and instruments, legal and institutional environment.
  • Integrated Curriculum: mainly discussing the special problems faced by different industries or different typed of enterprises.

The department has planned courses in three professional fields for professional ability training

  • Financial Management: Apart from the traditional corporate finance, our classes emphasize on the management and business related to the financial sector such as: new financial products, investment banks, financial risks, and financial planning
  • Marketing Management: Apart from the basic courses on consumer behavior, marketing research, and advertising, the department offers courses on rising issues such as consumer service and management and e-commerce as well as industry-specific courses to keep pace with the economic development trend.
  • Operation and Supply Chain Management: Due to the development of the economic environment and the service sector, the department offers service quality improvement courses related to the management of the service sector operation and total quality management. the courses include the management of the whole process of the supply chain, such as corporate purchasing, warehousing, logistics, transportation, and commercial Circulation.
  • Organization and human resources management: Apart form the basic courses on organizational behavior, management of human resource, organizational change and topics in compensation management. The department offers courses on case studies in management, industry management practice and seminar, lectures on best practice and strategic management in order to cultivate manager with critical thinking skills.

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