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In the past 55 years, the department has trained more than 12000 talents, all of which have outstanding performances in their respective fields. The eager support of the alumnus gradually formed a close Alumni. The Department's Alumnus was established in yeah 1977 after the great efforts of the first president Jin De Zhang. With the efforts of the successive presidents, the alumnus grew strong and complete. Moreover, with the help of Mr. Tzu-Jen (Andy) Hsieh - Founder & Chairman of Anderson Group and many other alumni, the Soochow University Department of Business Administration Cultural and Educational Foundation was founded in April 1999 at Taipei which aims to assist the department's growth and development.

The foundation has been of great assistant in promoting department affairs since its formation. Many alumni participate in the foundation's events as well as scholarship providing matters. Regular issues of Alumni publications are also a means of communication between the alumni and the department.