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Founded in year 1900, Soochow university is the most historical private university of the nation. As a forward-looking teaching university, Soochow seeks to train our knowledgeable, insightful, courageous, and appreciative students into talents with both innovation and execution.
The department of business administration was established since 1968. Each year, the department admits four undergraduate classes, one graduate class, and one graduate class for employed students. Totally we have around 1200 students.

The faculty is made up of 28 full-time chair professors, distinguished professors, professors, associate professors, and assistant professors. Most of our faculty had great experience in business as operators, consultants, and speakers in seminars. Our teachers are also highly recognized by the academic world and government in their respective fields of research. With a combination of academic theory and practical experience, the faculty at the department of business administration, Soochow university stands out from departments of business administration in other universities in Taiwan.

The main purpose of higher education is to try to solve the problems people face, and we believe that business can help us solve these problems. Except for the professional training, we also provide a wide range of courses and activities and to improve student’s abilities to execute and solve problems and to broaden student’s vision and their future.

The features of our education are including:

  • More than 100 full-time and part-time teachers who have advanced teaching experience and professional knowledge.
  • The best curriculum design for interdisciplinary learning which contributes to enhance students’ abilities on multi-skills.
  • More than 12,000 alumni which is an exclusive power network.
  • More than 103 universities for exchange program which is the best opportunity to expand the students’ learning areas and global views.
  • A number of industrial collaboration programs and practical lectures for offering more practical experience before graduating from the school.
  • A broad range of international academic activities that are coordinated and supported by the institute can bring our faculty from a broad array of disciplines to explore critical research challenges.
  • Our biggest advantage is we located in areas of excellence range of economics and politics. Moreover, with the superiority of convenient transportation that provide our students with more opportunity to broaden their horizon.