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Yi-Chun Tsai

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Department of Finance, National Taiwan University
Corporate Finance、 Empirical Finance、Climate Finance
Statistics、Managerial Accounting、Multinational Financial Management、Financial Management、Python Programming and Business Application
Yi-Chun Tsai is an Assistant Professor in Department of Business Administration at Soochow University. She received her PhD in Finance from Department of Finance at National Taiwan University in 2021. She was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Department of Finance at National Taiwan University. Her research expertises is in corporate finance, empirical finance, corporate social responsibility, and firm climate risks. Her works have been published in the Journal of Financial Studies and Journal of Management and Business Research. She was honored with the 2021 JMBR Paper Award. Her NSTC research project focuses on corporate carbon emissions and value chain relationships. She mentors college students involved in NSTC research projects. She has served as a peer reviewer for both international journals and domestic journals in finance areas. She offers courses for the undergraduate program in Statistics (Fall, 2023; Spring, 2024), International Financial Management (Fall, 2023), Python Programming and Business Applications (Spring, 2024), as well as the master's program in Financial Management (Fall, 2023). Previously, she taught undergraduate courses in Managerial Accounting (Spring, 2022; Fall, 2022; Spring, 2023), Statistics (Fall, 2022; Spring, 2023), and International Financial Management (Fall, 2022). She was honored with the Dedicated Mentor Award at Soochow University in 2023.