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Chih-Ming Lee

DBA in Department of Information System and Decision Science, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, US.
Newsvendor Problem, AHP, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Managerial Mathematics、Operations Management、Logistics and Supply Chain Management、Management of Business Logistics、Supply Chain Management、Forecasting Methods、Seminars on Research Topics
Chih-Ming Lee is currently a full-time professor at Soochow University, Taiwan. In 1986, he graduated from National Cheng Kung University with a bachelor's degree in Industrial Management. Then, in1988, he obtained master degree from the Institute of Management Science, National Chiao Tung University. In 1996, he received Ph.D. in Information and Decision Sciences, from Louisiana State University, USA. His research interests include production and operations management, inventory management, logistics and supply chain management, forecasting methods, analytical hierarchical process, etc. So far, he has published more than 20 journal papers, including SCI and TSSCI papers. He has more than 20 conference papers, including international and domestic conference papers. One international electronic monograph. And he has the US project management license. From 1990 to 1992, he worked as an associate engineer in the Education and Training Division, Institute for Information Industry, to promote information education for publics. Then, he went to the United States to study and successfully obtained a doctor degree. From 1997.02 to 2011.09, he was an associate professor, in the Department of Business Administration, Soochow University. From 2003.11 to 2005.07, he was also a deputy chairman of Department of Business Administration, Soochow University. Since 2011.09, he has been a full-time professor at the Department of Business Administration, Soochow University. He was an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Information Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology from 1997.08 to 2001.07. Since 2013.02, he has been an adjunct professor at the Department of Business Administration, National Cheng Chi University. He had served as a member of the state-owned enterprise, banks, etc., for recruiting, the management medal review committee of the Taiwan Management Science Society, the reviewer of journal papers, and the reviewer of university teacher promotion.